These brand symbols are valuable assets for any firm, whether they are enormous icons on our laptops or small images on the sides of buses. They act as a symbol of a brand’s personality and distinguish it from competitors. A strong logo not only stands out and efficiently communicates the brand’s identity, but it also works well in a variety of contexts. Regardless of whether each type of logo gives your brand a distinct feel, they are all mixtures of typography and graphics.

Text logo

Here are a few options for creating a word mark or text logo. Coca-Cola, for example, creates a custom typeface just for their logo. However, this takes time and the knowledge of a trained designer. You can also choose a typeface for your logo that represents the character of your company. For example, trendy logo designs may necessitate more ornamental typefaces, but modern logo designs frequently employ a sleek sans serif font. Consider whether your logo should include any distinctive characters or colors, as well as whether full caps, small letters, or a combination of both.

Esoteric logo

Your company is represented by an abstract geometric form rather than a recognizable image such as an apple or a bird. Some well-known examples include BP’s starburst logo, Pepsi’s divided circle, and the striped Adidas flower. However, abstract logos allow you to create something wholly unique to represent your brand rather than being limited to a recognizable image.


Brand marks, also known as pictorial marks, are logos that consist of a visual emblem or symbol that (usually) portrays a tangible product. We’re talking about a simple and uncomplicated logo icon, like the shape of a tree or a coffee cup. This item could describe your company’s operations. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “LOGO” is probably this.

Bold logo

Letter marks, often known as monogram logos, are typographic logos composed of the brand’s initials. Monogrammed brands, such as IBM and NASA, are regularly mentioned in conversation using their abbreviated form.


Emblems have been around for a very long time, from family crests to great rulers’ royal stamps. In these logos, a typeface is surrounded by a border, which is generally a seal or crest. Consider government agencies and colleges. Emblems are easily recognized and lend authority, traditionalism, and professionalism to your brand. Furthermore, they offer the impression that your company has a long history and will not go away anytime soon.

Bottom line:

No matter what type of logo you choose, remember that proper design can not only raise your brand but also ensure that customers remember your logo for a long time. Customers will establish positive associations with your logo and brand through time, increasing value and trust.



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