You don’t have to be a professional to recognize outstanding article writing. If you’ve ever searched for something on Google and found a page that was truly helpful, you’ve encountered good content writing.

But here’s the thing: if you’ve come this far, you want to write excellent copy, not just decent copy.

  1. Hyperlinks

When using content from another website, make sure you add a link back to the source. You would want the same politeness since it is good internet etiquette. Even if you’re concerned that mentioning your sources would divert traffic away from your website, do so. If you are extremely concerned, you may always use the “open link in another window” option.

  • Stuffing key phrases is never acceptable.

Using keywords can make your content more valuable, readable, and searchable. When you start putting keywords in, the reverse happens. A keyword-stuffed website appears shady and untrustworthy to both Google and human readers. Your page views are decreasing, as are your conversion rate and SERP positions.

  • Excellent start

Good introductions are difficult to write. The sensation of cutting to the chase may be awkward. When you’re ready, proceed to the main point after providing some context and acclimating the reader to it. Your reader, however, had already left by that point.

  • Excellent grammar

It is now more important than ever to pick things up as you go. Double-checking unfamiliar phrases, syntax, spelling, and other elements will help you detect faults and learn the rules so that you can write correctly the next time without using a dictionary.

  • Knowledge of current linguistic tendencies

To appeal to modern readers, web writers must keep up with language trends. Until the early 2000s, for example, many corporations would never use the single, gender-neutral pronoun “they.” The only language authorities who still force you to type out “he or she” are middle school English teachers. Similar to how prominent institutions such as the Associated Press and The New York Times initially embraced “e-mail” as the correct word, they eventually changed their opinions.

  • SEO

There is a lot of data to evaluate, but SEO keyword analysis may be done with just a Google spreadsheet and some free tools. Furthermore, it is easy to become lost in the analytics when going through all of the keyword and traffic numbers. It’s a useful tool whether you’re trying to create a new blog for your company, audit your entire website, or zero in on your competitors’ strategies.

  • Check your links.

The majority of website content creators understand the importance of internal links. Linking to other pages on your website enhances SEO, gives users useful information and increases the amount of time they spend on your site. It is, however, insufficient. You must return to previous topics and pages to add new links. This improves user experience, makes your pages more valuable and relevant to users, and keeps your material up to date.

Bottom line: With enough discipline, anyone can write high-quality internet material. Having an excellent copy on your website is one of the simplest ways to attract new visitors.



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