All small business owners wish they had more of two things: time and money. The most recent generation of business IT solutions can help you manage your company more efficiently and cost-effectively. Every business requires traffic, whether it is foot traffic to your shop, sales page traffic, or traffic to webinars and seminars. Then we must all figure out how to convert that traffic into clients and customers. This procedure is made easier and faster by using good business tools.

  1. Ontrapot

Ontraport is a completely integrated system that centralizes all of your business tools, data, and client information. This is a highly complex operating system that allows you to do the most intricate email sequences, construct webpages, send messages, sell things, and organize nearly anything.This is an excellent software platform, however it does require some learning. However, it is more user friendly than Infusion-soft.

  • Email marketing and social media marketing

Many daily “busy work” duties can now be automated, allowing business owners to concentrate on more cerebral endeavors. Email marketing platforms (EMS) like Aweber and MailChimp make it simple to keep your email subscribers up to date on company news, significant discounts, and promotions. Even better, many EMS platforms will automatically send your email newsletter to your social networks, saving you time.

  • Getting e-Signatures

HelloSign and DocuSign can assist with e-signatures on contracts and agreements. Upload your paper, make a note of where signatures are required, enter the appropriate email address, and the system will transmit it for you! It will even ding the person if the document is not signed within a particular time frame. No more hounding individuals for signatures or praying the post office is still open so you may quickly send out a contract.

  • Meetings are scheduled.

Meeting scheduling solutions such as Calendly and Acuity can help to automate the process. Simply send the link to the other person, and they may choose from the available times to meet.

  • Collaboration on Documents

When working with others, file-sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox are essential. These digital tools ensure that everyone is working from the same document version. It also prevents several versions of the same document from clogging everyone’s mailbox. You can collaborate in real time or visit at your leisure to see what work individuals have added. You can use it internally with your team, or you can use it with clients and vendors to keep track of what everyone wants and requires.

Bottom line

There are numerous technologies, tools, and platforms available to assist you in growing your organization. Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish, spend some time researching the best solutions for you and your company. All of these technologies (and more like them) free up your time, allowing you to accomplish more in a given day. They may also reduce the need for additional personnel, lowering your overhead expenditures. That suggests you have the time and resources to expand.



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