Digital business cards! The advantages of adapting to the times

One of the simplest methods to give a potential client or employer your contact information is with a business card. They can even add additional design elements to make the card stand out because it has everything they need in a little package. A highly helpful tool for any organization, however as times and technology evolve, it becomes obvious that certain old tools need to alter as well.

Business cards are excellent, but they come with the drawbacks of being physical products that can be damaged, printed incorrectly, cost money to produce more of, or even have the smallest design detail changed. The future of business cards needs to go from the present to the future, and that future is digital.

Graphic designers have created innumerable ways and gimmicks over the years to make cards stand out, but all that work is useless if a card is mistakenly forgotten in a pocket and later meets a watery end in a washing machine. By connecting to employers and clients on the one device they are almost certain to have with them most of the time, digital cards get around this issue.

What Advantages Do Digital Business Cards Offer?


There are currently distinct expectations between customers and enterprises.Customers now want businesses to behave responsibly and sustainably.The Climate Pledge is being signed by an increasing number of businesses to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Businesses can lessen their carbon footprint and achieve their ESG objectives with the aid of Pecs. Digital business cards are lowering the amount of paper consumed globally each year by keeping more trees in the ground and more paper business cards out of landfills.

Gain control over shared information and save time

Businesses no longer need to purchase expensive paper cards that expire every year by switching to digital ones. The administrative load on your teams is greatly lessened when you update your team cards digitally using the Pak e-Commerce solutions dashboard.

Administrators can make adjustments and know right once that they are being made to team cards. Additionally, this promotes uniformity throughout the company. while ensuring that information is always current.


Your team members can share their information how they wish by having a digital business card. Team members are not required to have paper cards in their wallets. Each contact they add will be saved right away in the online dashboard. Users of Pecs Business can sync these contacts with their current CRM program as well to convert new connections into new leads.

Easy to Create

What steps did your firm take to produce paper business cards? How many meetings concerning bleaching or cardstock did you attend? Did your designer appreciate going through 10 rounds of revisions? Or your CFO in authorizing the outrageous price for paper cards that will be thrown away 24 hours after being distributed?

Users of Pecs Business can also benefit from card templates, which allow the creationof several cards for team members quick and easy.


You can reveal everything about your brand using Pecs, including your logo, color scheme, and address as well as less obvious details like the voice you use when creating calls to action or adding your tagline and key deals.

Furthermore, you can instantly update your cards without having to start from scratch if something changes or you undergo a brand overhaul.


Digital cards have a significant benefit because sharing and design changes are so simple. In addition, there is a growing emphasis on remote work in the contemporary environment and society. working from home, from abroad, or in many cities or nations.

These vast distances have been shortened by the internet, which enables individuals to collaborate safely. An extension of this concept is the use of All contactless communication is in one straightforward bundle.



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