Mistakes to avoid when making animated videos | video animation

Do you want to appeal to your target group with a new explainer video? Good idea! To create animations that resonate with your clients, be aware of the mistakes you should avoid during the video production process. These are the main pitfalls that many entrepreneurs fall into on the way to successfully interacting with their audience via video. Let’s start!

Don’t forget your target audience.

It would be best if you understand your target audience clearly. If you want to do more than just produce a marketing video but want it to be effective, you need to know a lot of information about your target group. How old are you? Are they mostly men, or are they, women? Where are you? What is their job? You should pay attention to the demographics of these individuals. However, it’s best also to access information about their interests, hobbies, beliefs, preferences, and more. This data helps you tailor your videos to your target audience. You can choose the right mood, illustration style, music, and message for your video. You can use data about your customers to create animated explainer videos that draw attention to your brand and get your target audience’s silent applause.

Bad script

Bad scripts usually talk about the company’s products and services without mentioning the customer. It is almost uninteresting to viewers; they stop watching after his first ten seconds.

Please pay more attention to the actual problems, needs, and characteristics of consumers and seek the best solutions to their problems. Don’t be pushy by turning your explainer video into a sales pitch. The next priority is entertainment. Your video should provide emotional and aesthetic value to your audience. And perfect when it’s fun and funny! People perceive information more efficiently when they enjoy it at the same time. Plus, if your audience is engaged, they’re more likely to watch the entire video, giving you more chances to hear your marketing message.

The final step is to offer your product or service. Please don’t make it look like a real advertisement. Keep it funny! Driven by the goal of creating something cool and non-promotional, everyone wants to create effective marketing videos.


Using templates is very convenient and fast for video producers. However, it is less suitable for branding as it can compromise the uniqueness of your style. Of course, I’ll admit that there are plenty of great, highly customizable templates out there on the web. Other brands have access, but your business may risk creating an animated video that doesn’t look unique.

In an era of rapidly developing technology and digital space, everyone can access, providing uniqueness is the biggest challenge for companies. It’s your only chance to capture your customers’ attention and maintain your brand.

Another tip is to read customer testimonials to see how companies perform on B2B reviews and review platforms. It helps you get a precise and clear picture of your thoughts and your team’s expertise and reputation.

I hope I have answered your basic questions about the pitfalls of video production. We are happy to share a short list of tips for creating the best explainer videos for your business. Our animated explainer video production team wants to help you create animations that drive great business results and build customer loyalty.



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